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Saiyuki Reload Blast shot 4, story 7.5

Raws are from this kind person here:

Apologies for the delay (income taxes were tedious). Please don't "borrow" the transcription. I can scanlate this properly once the volume is released, if there is interest.

Also: if anyone has the raws for the recent chapters of Wild Adapter, I would be happy to translate. <3

shot4. "Kouten" 7.5th story


[9] ほぇーーー
Haa ---
[9] 。。。すっげ。
… Awesome!

[5] オーラがパねぇな、オーラが
Quite an aura, isn't it, this aura
[8] 「信は荘厳なり」とは言いますが
Don't they say that "Faith appears impressive".

[5] 何だこりゃ象か? ハハッ
What's with that elephant? Hahaa
[9] 変なカオーーー
Weird face ---
[8] まぁ 場違いにも程がありますよね。
Well, that's enough of acting out of place.

[guard] じゃ、俺達は外で待機してるぞ
Well then, we'll be waiting outside
[Sharak] ああ

Sidenote: 出典「西遊記」(平凡社刊)
Source "Saiyuuki [Journey to the West]" (Heibonsha Publishers)
t/n: These verses are also included in the first chapter of "Saiyuki Gaiden".

--"According to the poem
Chaos was as-yet undivided into Heaven and Earth"

"An endless expanse with no-one to be seen"


"Pangu*'s 'Great Concealment' was ripped from this
Incidentally, here was the origin of the understanding of purity and impurity"
"All life has always tended toward benevolence

From their creation all things improve ---"

* Pangu (盤古): mythical Chinese god who created heaven and earth

[9] え。。。女の子?
Eh … a girl?
[8] もしかしてこちらが。。。
It seems that way ...

[Sharak] お久しゅうございます
It has been a long time
[Sharak] クマリタルチエ
Kumari Taruchie
[Taruchie] うむ
[Taruchie] お嬢も健勝の様で何よりだ
I hope you have been in good health, young lady


[9] え、あの娘が生きる女神!?
Oh, so that’s the Living Goddess!?
[9] 妖怪の文様あるけど
A youkai marking
[8] ええーーでも
Yeah — however
[9] 耳が
her ears
[Taruchie] 。。。おぬし達が
… You are

[Taruchie] 玄奘三蔵一行だな
the Genjyo Sanzo-ikkou
[Taruchie] よくぞここまで五体満足で辿り着いたものだ、決意を表する
You have all arrived in good health, I see

[Taruchie] 。。。だがその命運も近く尽きる
… But your good fortune is near its end
[Taruchie] たとえ轍が途絶えようとも、その覚悟を以て進むのならばそれも星の道だ
No matter that the tracks have come to an end, if you are determined to continue, that is also the path of the stars

[Sharak] 。。。。。は?
…. Hmm?


[Sharak] ーーーそれは
— These
[Sharak] 「先見」の言なのですか、タルチエ
are the words of your “foresight”, Taruchie?
[Taruchie] 星は違えぬ
The stars are unwavering
[Taruchie] その円環を断ち切る事は、仏の仏志をもってしても不可能だ
Breaking the cycle is impossible, even by the will of Buddha.

[5] ハハッ
[5] ジョーダンきついぜ
What a harsh joke
[5] 何言っちゃてんのこのロリ婆さん
What’s this loli-grandmother saying?

[Taruchie] ロリ婆抜かすなアダルト幼女じゃ
Let’s omit the “loli old woman” for “adult little girl”

[3] 。。。貴殿の能が本物ならば見えるだろう
… I agree that your ability is genuine, but you must be able to see that
[3] 無関係な者に忠告を受けた程度で、今更引き返しやしない事がな
we cannot turn back on the advice of someone unrelated

[Taruchie] 。。。


[Taruchie] 無関係ではない
I am not unrelated
[Taruchie] おぬしの双肩に座す魔天経文ーーー
That Maten Sutra upon your shoulders —
[Taruchie] その本来の継承者は
Its original heir
[Taruchie] 血を分けた我が半身だからな
was divided from me by half his blood

[8] ーーーー!?
[Sharak] いや。
[Sharak] 私も初耳だ
This is news to me as well

[3] 待て、それはどういうーーー
Wait, what do you —
[monk] 皆様、三仏神がお持ちです
Everyone, the Three Aspects await
[monk] こちちへお急ぎを
Quickly, this way


[5] 。。。ひとます行くこうぜ三蔵
Let’s just go, Sanzo
[5] 俺たちゃ別に星占い聞きに釆たワケじゃねーーし?
It’s not as though we came just to listen to our horoscopes, right?

[Taruchie] 。。。。

“All things are in flux through the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth”
[Taruchie] すべての存在は絶えず移りゆき
Everything in existence is constantly changing
[Taruchie] 因果は巡り、また繰り返す
Karma also repeats itself

[Taruchie] 五百年前と同じ軌道をな
following the same track as five hundred years ago


[Sharak] ーーーー第二十八代羅漢シャラク三蔵
—28th generation Arhat Sharak Sanzo
[3] 第三十一代唐亜 玄奘三蔵
31st generation China Genjyo Sanzo

[59] ーーーーと、その愉快な仲間たち
— And we are
[59] でーす
his merry nakama


[8] 悟浄 悟空
Gojyo, Goku
[8] 空気読んで。
Read the atmosphere.

[3?] 。。。馳せ参じました
We were in a hurry to come here


[3 Aspects] 相変わらず元気そうでなによりです
You seem to be in good health as always
[3 Aspects] まずは玄奘三蔵一行
First of all, Genjyo Sanzo-ikkou
[3 Aspects] ここ西域までの旅路まこと大儀であった
Your journey here to the Western Region has been arduous
[3 Aspects] まあ随分と時間はかかったがな
It took a great deal of time

[5] チッ
[5] 他人事だと思って言ってくれるぜ
That’s something to say about other people’s affairs
[9] こっちだってケッコー苦労してんのにな
It was quite difficult to get here

[3 Aspects] ついでにカード残高の減りが異常に早い件についてだが
Incidentally, there is also the matter of reducing the unusually large card balances
[8] すみません、二三お聞きしたい事があるので先によろしいでしょうか
Please excuse me, but there are two or three things we would like to discuss about if you don’t mind
[3 Aspects] 無理矢理
Don’t forcibly
[3 Aspects] 話題を逸らすでない
change the subject
[3 Aspects] 。。。。まあよかろう読けなさい
…. Oh very well, continue

[3] ーーーひとつは
— For one


[3] 当代の無天経文守護者である、烏哭三蔵法師についてです
In regards to the current guardian of the Muten Sutra, Ukoku Sanzo
[3] あの者が牛魔王側に就いている事は既に御存知だったのでしょうか
I wonder whether you already know that he is attached to the Gyumaoh side?

[3 Aspects] いや、それは我々も聞き及んでいなかった
No, we did not know that
[3] そもそも牛魔王サイドですら無天経文の所持者が膝元にいた事に未だ気付いていない様子
How would Gyumaoh’s side not notice that the bearer of the Muten Sutra was in their territory?

[3] 烏哭三蔵がその身分をいち化学者してまで蘇生実験に加担する理由も定かではない
There is also no clear reason why Ukoku Sanzo was complicit hiding his status and posing as a scientist in the resurrection experiment

[3] いずれにせよ
In either case
[3] 奴の所行が桃源郷異変の一端である事は明白
he is obviously the reason for the anomaly in Shangri-la
[Sharak] 三蔵継承を同じくする身として、看過致しかねます
As one has likewise inherited a position as Sanzo, I cannot overlook this


[5] こんな不祥事フツーなら即コレもんじゃねぇの
Wouldn’t a scandal like this normally be handled this way?
[8] 継承したが最後、僧位剥奪や僧階降格というぺナルディは無いものなのでしょうか
Despite his inheritance, is there no penalty such as depriving him of his rank or demoting him?

[3 Aspects] 天地開経文の守護権は継承者の死によってのみ後継が可能となる
It is only possible to alter the guardian rights of the Tenchikai Kyoumon upon the death of the heir

* Tenchikai Kyoumon (天地開経文): Heaven and Earth Opening Sutras
[3 Aspects] ーーーすなわち
—That is

[9] 誰かがブッ倒さない限りアイツは三蔵法師のまんまだってハナツ?
That guy’s going to be sanzo until someone defeats him?
[3] 。。。そういう事だ
… Something like that

[3 Aspects] まとよりあの者ーーー
As to that person —
[3 Aspects] 烏哭が先代・剛内三蔵より無天経文を継承した際の立ち会い人は、玄奘
who was a witness when Ukoku inherited the Muten Sutra from Goudai Sanzo, Genjyo,
[3 Aspects] そなたの師光明三蔵法師なのです
that was your master Koumyou Sanzo Houshi

[3] ーーーーーー。。。!!


[3 Aspects] 烏哭の三蔵継承に異を唱える事は、師の慧眼を疑い、ひいては
If you disagree with the inheritance of Ukoku as sanzo, you cast doubt as to the acumen of your master, and so
[3 Aspects] 己が立場をも否定そる事になりかねぬぞ玄奘
this could also lead to the repudiation of your own position, Genjyo

[3] 。。。。御意に
… Understood
[Sharak] ーーでは私かちも質問を
— If I may ask a question

[Sharak] 三日前、我が恒天城の危機に突如現れ
Three days ago, suddenly appearing during a crisis in Tenjou
[Sharak] 妖怪軍を瞬時に薙ぎ払ったという黒装束の幼子。。。
a child clothed in black who wiped out the youkai army in an instant

[Sharak] その者の正体について何卒ご教示賜りたい
I would most humbly request to learn the identity of this person

[3 Aspects] 。。。。うむ
…. Umm


[3 Aspects] 天界には天界軍が存在する
In the Heavenly World there exists the Heavenly Army

[3 Aspects] 天界内部での争い事に従事そる東方軍、天界が下界に及ぼす禍事を処理そる西方軍ーーー
The Eastern Army oversees conflicts from within the heavenly world, while the Western Army deals with issues in the Lower World —
[3 Aspects] だが そのどちらも、天界人である以上殺生は御法度の不浄行為とされている
However, since both are of the heavenly world, killing is a taboo and impure act

[8] 一周迴って面倒くさいシステマの軍隊ですね
That’s a roundabout and bothersome military system, isn’t it
[5] 。。。なんだそりゃどんだけ日知ってんだよ
… So what do they do all day?

[3 Aspects] その天界軍に於いて唯一、殺生を許さんに生まれながちにして不浄を背負いし存在
There is only one in the heavenly world, born impure, who is permitted to shoulder the burden of killing
[3 Aspects] それが「闘神」なのです
That is the “Toushin”

[3] 闘神。。。。?
Toushin * …?

* Toushin (闘神): “war god”


[3 Aspects] かの少年は五百年前、天界史上最大の有事により永き眠りについていた闘神
Five hundred years ago, a youth serving as Toushin fell into a deep sleep after the heavenly world’s greatest crisis
[3 Aspects] ーーー名を
— His name was
[3 Aspects] ナタク太子

[9] 。。。。。
[9] 。。。。。「ナタク」。。。。
…..”Nataku” ….


[Sharak] その闘神とやらが何故今眠りから目覚め、何の目的で下界へと降り立ったのですか
So why has this Toushin awakened from his sleep and for what purpose did he come to the lower world?
[3 Aspects] 我々も急遽その通達を受け困惑した所だ
We are also puzzled upon receiving the notification of his sudden appearance

[3 Aspects] ただナタク太子は五百年前、下界にて牛魔王を討伐しその一族を封印した張本人。。。
However, five hundred years ago, Nataku-taishi is the one who originally subdued Gyumaoh and sealed his clan in the lower world …

[3 Aspects] 此度の覚醒は蘇生実験に何らかの関連性がある物と推察される
His awakening is assumed to have some connection to the resurrection experiment
[9] ーーーえ
— Eh

[9] 牛魔王を倒した本人。。。!?
The person who defeated Gyumaoh …!?
[5] そのガキがたった一人でか!?
That kid all alone!?
[3 Aspects] ーーーそして
— And

[3 Aspects] ナタク太子が下界に降りたった理由。。。。
The reason Nataku-taishi landed in the lower world …
[3 Aspects] それこそが
That is
[3 Aspects] 今日こうして共方達を徴集した本題なのだ
the main reason you are here to listen today

[3] 。。。と 言いますと?
… And that would be?


[3 Aspects] ーーーでは これより天界上層部からの勅命を伝達する
—- I convey the royal command of Heaven’s upper echelon in this
[3 Aspects] 玄奘三蔵一行ーーー
Genjyo Sanzou-ikkou —-

[3 Aspects] 其方達に命じた「牛魔王蘇生実験阻止」の任務を闘神ナタク太子に全権移行し
Your ordered mission to “stop the Gyumaoh resurrection experiment” is transferred to Toushin Nataku-taishi
[3 Aspects] 今にの時を以て其方達は当役儀より一切の離任を命ずる!!
You are commanded to cease now your ordered responsibility!!


[9] ….


Sidenote: 突然の宣告。。。!?
A sudden proclamation…!?

[5] は?